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Gigabit speed test anybody?

Hi Rick,

Try an anon ftp or http download from http://ftp.heanet.ie The cluster that serves for ftp.heanet.ie has multiple machines with at least single or bonded 10GE interfaces into HEAnet's backbone and then minimum of 10GE on two carriers to the general internet.

Should give you a pretty good speed test. I can max out our GigE links using them for testing.


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> Subject: Gigabit speed test anybody?
> Resent from my subscribed address. Hopefully this isn't a dupe to
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> I'm working on turning up our first GigE connection (400mbs CIR) and
> the
> various online speedtests I'm aware of choke after about 100Mbs or so.
> Does anybody know of testing sites that can handle higher bandwidth, or
> have an ftp host or similar to test against?
> I'm connected to Level3, backhauled to Seattle, WA.
> Thanks,
> Rick