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Dynamic IP log retention = 0?

> And there's another name for 'casing the joint', it is 'looking around'.
> Looking around generally isn't a crime.  Neither is casing a joint, for that
> matter.  And like I suggested with port scanning, whether someone was
> 'looking around' or 'casing the joint' is really only determinable after
> they've robbed the joint or not.  Before that point, you're almost stabbing
> in the dark.

"Looking around" Rockefeller Center generally isn't a crime.

"Looking around" where you're in my back yard and peeking in the windows
is, at a minimum, trespass, and if our local cops notice you doing it, you 
can expect that you may find yourself ... severely inconvenienced.

There is no "freedom to look around" on private property, despite what you
appear to think.

... JG
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