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SUP720 vs. SUP32

On Thursday 12 March 2009 03:06:05 am Bill Blackford wrote:

> Incidentally, I am using 7300/7200 based units with G1 RP
> and found that at 200M they start seeing 50% CPU load
> which is why I'm looking to go to the next step.

Be sure to optimize your configuration before you upgrade. 
Depending on what services you have enabled (either by 
default or design), you can squeeze quite a bit from these 
boxes before you need to upgrade with a pretty lean 
configuration - and the NPE-G2 can sit a sweet 2GB of DRAM 
nicely :-).

We've been able to forward some 950Mbps out of an NPE-G2 at 
~72% CPU utilization as a core router, and about 600Mbps at 
the same CPU utilization as an edge router.

With the current bloat of the routing table today, the sheer 
force software routers provide re: RIB/FIB memory for a 
couple-of-hundred Mbps of traffic forwarded is hard to 


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