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SUP720 vs. SUP32

Make sure that the new 10 GiGE line cards are not in your plans if you
choose the SUP32. This holds for some of the other copper and fiber line
cards where line card buffer capacity may be critical to effective
throughput. Some new line cards only connect to the 720 Gig backplane. 

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Subject: SUP720 vs. SUP32

Anyone have any experience with SUP32? Please contact me off list.

I'm trying to evaluate a lower-cost alternative to the 720-3bxl.
I'm only pushing a few hundred megs of traffic, exchanging a few routes
with less than 20 peers and don't see the need for a 720's worth of
throughput in the near future.

Can the 32 handle a full table?
How does the MFSC2A compare to the MFSC3?
V6 support?

Thank you.

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