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Usage-Based Billing for DIA

Jon Lewis wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, Rodriguez, Mauricio wrote:
>> Looking at possibilities for an implementation of usage-based 
>> billing, it seems that the same techniques and tools always come up.  
>> I'm looking for some feedback from the list on experiences with these 
>> tools and techniques as well as alternatives that may not be listed 
>> here.
>> +Techniques
>>                --Flow data (Netflow, SFlow, etc) analysis to 
>> determine 95th percentile traffic levels
>>                --SNMP polling of interface counters to determine 95th 
>> percentile traffic levels
> I need to look into this in the near future as well.  The problems I'm 
> aware of are:
> 1) we have customers on policed ports, and the interface snmp counters 
> count packets before service-policy.  It doesn't seem right to bill 
> for packets we dropped :)...so this isn't useful data for billing 
> purposes.
Torrus (www.torrus.org) can use the Cisco MIBs to graph pre and 
post-policy packets.