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Usage-Based Billing for DIA

Looking at possibilities for an implementation of usage-based billing, it seems that the same techniques and tools always come up.  I'm looking for some feedback from the list on experiences with these tools and techniques as well as alternatives that may not be listed here.

                --Flow data (Netflow, SFlow, etc) analysis to determine 95th percentile traffic levels
                --SNMP polling of interface counters to determine 95th percentile traffic levels

Granted, there are many interpretations of how to calculate "95th percentile traffic levels" that may differ from provider to provider.  Assume that we have established the method that we will use.

                --solarwinds Orion
                --Various, expensive PM tools such as Netcool Proviso, JDSU NetComplete, InfoVista tools, etc
                --flow-tools and FlowScan combo
                --Arbor Networks Peakflow

Any follow up to this thread, either on or off list, or pointers to previous threads with good information would be appreciated!  My search didn't turn up any, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist!


Mauricio Rodriguez
Manager of IP/Data Engineering, FPL FiberNet
Email: Mauricio.Rodriguez at fpl.com<mailto:Mauricio_Rodriguez at fpl.com>