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SNMP and syslog forwarders

Hi Sam,

For SNMP Traps, we were using 'Concord TrapExploder'. I'm not sure, if
this is still named that way - it's now more than 1.5 years ago, I'd
been involved in that project.
As we had configured all network elements to send the Traps to both
TrapExploders, we had to de-duplicate the traps on the EventManagement
piece of our NMS platform. But that's been an easy one...

For Syslog, we had used syslog-ng and it was just running like a charm..

.. just my 2ct's


> It's looking like running all of our traps and syslog through a couple 
> of relay devices (and then onwards to the various NMS's) would be quite 
> a win for us.
> These relay devices just need to be "dumb" forwarders (we don't require 
> any filtering or storing, just reflection), but we need an HA pair 
> (across two sites) without creating duplicates.
> I have the coding skills to make this myself, but as coding skills come 
> and go in our network team, we are looking for a commerical product so 
> it will continnue to work after I get:  hit by a bus / amnesia / visions
> of grandeur.
> Any recommendations / experience? This needs to scale to ~1,500 devices.
> Thanks,
> Sam