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DPI or Flow Management

The issue is use of dpi to eliminate congestion stemming from p2p's  
natural unfairness behind the unbundling interface.


Le 09-03-01 ? 21:14, Jack Bates <jbates at brightok.net> a ?crit :

> Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:
>> In short, the entire DPI debate is starting to go on similar lines,
>> and flogging similar horses, as the gun control debate
>> Yes, dpi has great, useful applications (ddos mitigation and other
>> security, for example).  And it has bad / harmful applications
>> (dictatorships doing dpi to catch political dissent).
>> That says a lot more about inappropriate / appropriate use of dpi
>> rather than dpi itself.
>> Nothing at all in DPI that makes it wrong, deeply evil etc.
> Which is why the political debates over it bother me. Declaring dpi  
> as evil and regulating it could very well limit security of the  
> future; not to mention the fact that DPI tends to be extremely vague  
> in definition dependent upon its implementation.
> Jack