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DPI or Flow Management


Should your email have also included a French interpretation as well?


Lorell Hathcock
Francois : 

Votre email devrait-il avoir ?galement inclus une interpr?tation fran?aise
aussi bien ? 


Lorell Hathcock

-----Original Message-----
From: Francois Menard [mailto:francois at menards.ca] 
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 3:51 PM
To: nanog list
Subject: DPI or Flow Management

The Coalition of Internet Service Providers has filed a substantial  
contribution at the CRTC stating:

1) The CRTC should forbid DPI, as it cannot be proven to be 98.5%  
effective at trapping P2P, such as to guarantee congestion relief

2) The CRTC should allow for other forms of traffic management by  
ISPs, such as Flow Management


This is part of the public record at the following address:


The world will see Canada taking head-on the issue of addressing the  
legitimacy of DEEP PACKET INSPECTION as a mean of properly managing an  
incumbent's network behind the unbundling/peering interface.

NANOG cannot pretend that this debate does not take place and remain  
silent on this.

Best regards,

Fran?ois D. M?nard
francois at menards.ca