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[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

prior to TCP being integrated into the Tenex monitor, there were several
BCPL user level programs written by Bill Plummer at BBN that used a (new at
the time) ICP mechanism to communicate between them.

there were four programs (TCP, Sink, ECHO O, and a telnet server that used
PTY's -- rather than NVT's) to support remote user logins.  There was also
a TCP User Telnet program that allows outward TCP telneting ICP'ng to the
user TCP program.

each of these programs (TCP, Sink, ECHO O, and a telnet server that used
PTY's) were auto started at system boot time by using SYSJOB's "CRJOB"
mechanism to log each of them in "DETACHED" under WHEEL'd user TCP.

Bill Plummer then later came out to SRI to install either this user TCP
stuff (and the ICP and PTY monitor code) or later when TCP was integrated
into the monitor (in PDP-10 Macro Assembly Language) on what was originally
SRI-AI, then SRI-KA, then DARCOM-KA (where the NSW [National Software
Works] also ran).

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 8:15 PM vinton cerf via Internet-history <
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> Steve Kirsch asks in what languages NCP and TCP were written.
> The Stanford first TCP implementation was done in BCPL by Richard Karp.
> Another version was written for PDP-11/23 by Jim Mathis but not clear in
> what language. Tenex was probably done in C at BBN. Was 360 done in PL/1??
> Dave Clark did one for IBM PC (assembly language/??)
> Other recollections much appreciated.
> vint
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