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[ih] NCP, TCP/IP question

On 10 Mar 2020 at 4:28, Steve Crocker via Internet-hi wrote:

> If memory serves, prior to Multics and Unix and with the exception of
> the
> Burrough?s computers, operating systems were written in the assembly
> language of the machine.  This includes the Sigma 7 (host 1), the SDS
> 940
> (host 2), the IBM 360 (host 3) and Tenex (host 4).  The NCP
> (?Network
> Control *Program*") was an addition to the existing code of the
> operating
> system and, I believe, written in the same language as the operating
> system.

I don't know the significance of the host numbering, but BBN's PDP-1d was on 
the ARPAnet well before TENEX was.   I can't remember who hacked up the host 
interface, but I implemented the stuff in the timesharing system [ExecIII] to 
handle the ARPAnet and not long thereafter it became the "NCC".   And, yes, it 
was done in assembler [MIDAS].   The PDP-1 was decommissioned before 
TCP/IP appeared, so it never got a TCP stack cobbled into it.


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