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[ih] Who Paid for the Internet? (was Re: sad news: Peter Kirstein)

On 11-01-2020 20:04, Jack Haverty via Internet-history wrote:

> Given all of the other usage of X.25 in Internet-related worlds (CSNET
> etc.), there's likely a fascinating bit of Internet History in how
> different systems dealt with the intersection between the Internet-style
> "it's all free if you're approved to use it at all" and the X.25 "if you
> initiate a conversation with someone, you pay by the minute and by the
> packet" attitudes.?? Did anyone else implement "move your expenses"
> schemes at organizational boundaries?

Technically not Internet, but at least up in the Nordics, we shared the
costs of the UUCP connections over modems and X.25 for email and USENET
among the users (back in the day when EUnet was a sort of co-op/club).