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[ih] PDP-11 high level language [Re: how big was the host file]

First, this thread is fascinating, thank you to everyone providing this 
great history.

On Thu, 6 Feb 2020, John Day via Internet-history wrote:

: We did a 3rd OS called the Hub, that was so simple, the whole thing fit 
: 4K of code, 6 with buffers and later version was proven secure.


Could you elaborate on what tests were performed at the time to call it 
secure? I am curious to compare what type of standards and/or testing was 
performed, as compared to modern designations of 'secure' (e.g. via audit, 
compliance, pentesting, etc.).

I am a 'vulnerability historian' of sorts, so this is a rare time 
something is squarely in my niche. =)

Thank you!