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[ih] how big was the host file

I am pretty sure Illinois never had two hosts connected at the same time. I am guessing this was more reserving names.

il-67 was probably a placeholder for the Burroughs 6700 but it was not put on the Net while it was at Illinois. Later it was connected when the machine was moved to UCSD.
There was a PDP-11 connected. Later we might have had both a PDP-11/20 and a PDP-11/45 connected but I doubt it. 
For a while, there was a VDH to Purdue, but they eventually got their own IMP.

I will have to do some checking.


> On Feb 6, 2020, at 09:48, Lars Brinkhoff <lars at nocrew.org> wrote:
> Craig Partridge wrote:
>> ISI had three IMPs. SRI had three IMPs. SAC had two IMPs. ARPA had
>> two. Those are additions to your list of Stanford, MIT, UCLA and BBN.
> Not quite.  They had multiple hosts on one IMP.
> Here are some more.  Excluding those with just an additional TIP.
> cmu-10alt  116
> cmu-cc     016
> ll-67      012
> ll-tsp     212
> ll-tx2     112
> parc-maxc  040
> parc-vts   140
> rand-csg   107
> rand-rcc   007