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[ih] Defamation lawsuit brought by self-proclaimed email "inventor" settles

Wayne Hathaway <wayne at playaholic.com> writes:

> [...] a paper for SIGOPS on something like "Telnet, Its Influence on
> Operating System Design."

I think that's this paper in SIGCOMM '77:

J. Davidson, W. Hathaway, J. Postel, N. Mimno, R. Thomas and D. Walden,
"The ARPANET TELNET protocol: Its purpose, principles, implementation,
and impact on host operating system design"


> a paper delivered at that same conference that discussed email

It doesn't have the example you remember in the proceedings, but it
sounds like that could have been this one, which describes email headers
and addresses in some detail:

D. Austin Henderson, Jr. and Theodore H. Myer,
"Issues in message technology"


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