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[ih] Defamation lawsuit brought by self-proclaimed email "inventor" settles

All this discussion of email history has triggered what I hope isn't just a false memory.
I was peripherally involved with early ARPA protocol designs, and remember co-authoring
a paper for SIGOPS on something like "Telnet, Its Influence on Operating System Design."
I particularly remember that I and the other four or five co-authors created the entire
paper using email; we never even had a telephone call, much less a meeting.  Anyway, I
also remember a paper delivered at that same conference that discussed email, and this
sticks in my mind particularly because there was an in-depth example of email headers on
one slide, showing To: and From: and the like.? I remember this because the particular
example chosen had the line "To: wayne at ames-67."? Hey, I thought -- that's me! :-)

Anyway, does anybody else have a similar memory?? As I recall, we sort of shoe-horned
the paper on Telnet in by using that "influence on operating system design" line.? I have
no idea how an email paper would have been shoehorned into a SIGOPS Conference, but
who knows.? Oh, I wasn't the author who presented the paper, either, so I don't even recall
where the conference was held.


Wayne Hathaway
wayne at playaholic.con?? [formerly wayne at ames-67? :-)]