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[ih] Internet History Lives on the Internet?

wfms at wfms.org wrote in <alpine.DEB.2.21.1902270621010.14959 at aztlan.wfms.org>:
 |Ah yes, 'archival writable CDs.' I have run into this problem recently 
 |when I pulled out some CDs made by Philips in the mid-90's meant to be 
 |archival.  Once every few years I made it a point to copy everything off 
 |those disks (thereby checking they were still good) and popping the 
 |content onto fresh DVDs.  Just late last year three of the disks of that 
 |archival set started showing errors. :-/
 |Moral of the story seems to be to move archives off to ever newer media 
 |peridoically before either the content or the means of extracting that 
 |content is lost.

This is a science.  Sunlight is poison, as well as too much / too
few humidity, and add onto that almost anything else, fumes of all
kind, including incense sticks and essential oils, not to talk
about cars, cigarettes, etc.  Heat.
Talking about nuclear war survival, here in Germany there is the
"Barbarastollen" to archive things, microfilm in high-grade steel
containers in a tunnel with at least 200 meters of rock above it.
Pretty low temperatures.

I personally store important CDs gathered together in several
layers of plastic bags, all that buried behind books.  No light,
no real heat, no real cold, no dust etc.  No problems until now.
Self-burned, but only -R for such storage.
(I use the data only through copies on USB-stick and -HDs.
(And i say USB because that is what it is: firewire did not make

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