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[ih] ARPANET 50-year anniversary panel session with Vint, Steve Crocker, and others

On Feb 23, 2019, at 12:42 PM, Jack Haverty <jack at 3kitty.org> wrote:
> But "internet-history at postel.org <mailto:internet-history at postel.org>", and others like it, even RFC
> repositories, likely exist at the whim of their sponsor. 

Indeed - even assuming volunteers run them - they?re?s still the issue of hosting and net access.

I have old repositories (end2end-interest, for one) that even the ISOC has declined to host (even though the E2E-RG originated there).

Then again, if you want to see the worst of ?free riders?, go attend an IETF. Companies send armies there for free training and free consulting. 

PS - speaking as list admin, if anyone wants to offer a place to host this list more reliably and archivally, please do let me know (contact me directly off-list).


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