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[ih] Internet addressing history section

In article <ab386835-b982-5cbe-b09d-dc8b905a36f7 at spamtrap.tnetconsulting.net> you write:
>Should the test-networks and / or link-local be included in the martian 



>Is the benchmark network,, still used for such?  Or could 
>it also be reclaimed?

It's intended for use in lab networks that aren't supposed to send
traffic to the public Internet so pretty much by definition you can't
tell who's using it.

>Aside:  Is there a reason that you're using the octothorpe (#) instead 
>of the section symbol (?) when citing RFC sections?

Probably because his message is in ASCII.


PS: Only telco guys call it an octothorpe.  For the rest of us it's a
sharp sign or maybe a hash mark.