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[ih] internet-future mailing list ?

On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 08:31:01AM +1300, Brian E Carpenter via Internet-history wrote:
> > You can access *all* papers published at SIGCOMM-sponsored events openly; you need to access them from the "program" page of the event in question.
> Hmm. I found the slides from SIGCOMM 2019 quite easily, but not the papers. What's the link to the Trotsky paper, for example? (I got my copy by a rather indirect route.) It's also annoyingly hard to find CCR papers in general.

You can always ask the authors directly via email. 
Hopefully you did not use Sci Hub or other illegal methods.

One way to improve the legal options for access to scientific research
could be to mandate a published pricing option by which the author(s) (organization)
could pay a lump sum upfront to make the conference organization
publish the papers with free access. As a stand in for the access
via pay wall. That way at least one could start comparing what different
organizations think they need in revenue for each published paper
and have them think more about becoming leaner (well, SIGCOM is not the
best example for that of course). After all, there are other publishing
organizations with exactly that model, and they widely vary in price.

> > (That limitation is super-annoying, I agree. It's an ongoing debate in the community whether we should go full open access, but we'd need to offset the loss of SIG income from the digital library in some way.)
> Yes, I think people (especially those fussing about the pending PIR sale) do often forget that IETF and IRTF stuff, and RFCs, are freely available only because ISOC found a money tree. The same now applies to this list.

Yeah, as much as i enjoy the conversation, it does not really help me
finding a solution of how to get hosting for an internet-future mailing
list. But it was a great way to prove the point of derailing discussions
on mailing lists. Thanks, Brian ;-))


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