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[ih] internet-future mailing list ?


On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 08:40:09PM -0500, Scott Brim wrote:
> I think it depends on the scope of "Internet futures". Do you want
> something without discipline, free-ranging, wild speculation?

No, of course not. I would like this to be a starting point for birds of
a feather interested in actually contributing to the long-term evolution
if the Internet. I don't think it could or should ultimately host the
detailled work on any topic, because obviously there are too many
sub-topics. But as a "get organized", "dispatch" find collaborators
forum it could IMHO be extremely helpfull.

> Do you want a group in the IRTF?

In talking with the current IRTF chair, it seemed to me that he would
not even allow to scope work in the same way as i have seen (and
contributed to) successful IRTF work that started IETF work. So i feel
under current leadership, IRTF work can only cope with a limited subset
of the problem. FOr example, what i would consider architectural 
design seems to be outside scope of both IRTF RG and IETF WG.

> Is it about engineering, policy, appearance to users ...

I would of course like to get into the interesting research,
architecture and standardization work needed to be done to enable a
successful future Internet, but this always needs to be justified
from predicting/observing trends and future user and operator
experiences. I am always frustrated by research that does not even
try to imagine where/who needs it or whether it could be realized
technically or operated and monetized.

> ? If there's some discipline then it could work as a mailing list,

Of course. That why i mentioned the dispatch. As soon as a the larger
mailing list sees a particular thread of discussion to be alble to
move out into a better venue, that should happen.

> otherwise IMHO it would be a waste of time. On the other hand, a
> free-ranging discussion could be fun and enlightening if it were a biweekly
> one-hour live videochat among anyone who wanted to show up (with time and
> day varying to suit participants around the world).

I don't think these two are exclusive to each other. I like the idea of
a chat as well. I've kinda outgrown video, but i could try an avatar.


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