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[ih] ISOC wikipedia page

.ISOC is a little controversial right now, because of the PIR sale. One of
the more vocal opponents joined Wikipedia just to rewrite ISOC article
according to his POV. This can be seen on the *current version*

So, I tried to improve things by rewriting the page as a *very basic

There followed an edit war, from which I had to withdraw with an admitted
COI. I have now issued an *RFC*
which is a better version, the current, or my rewrite? However, it's
suffering from a lack of responses.  If you're a wikipedia editor, please
feel free to to go there and comment, or even edit the article yourself.

But, more to the purpose of this list, if you know of some good secondary
sources, (i.e. not posted on ISOC's website) that cover ISOC's history,
please mention them.



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