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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

My electronic records are long gone.  However, paper apparently survives
longer than bits.   So more basement archeology.  I skimmed through my
old notebooks from 1977-1980 looking for "Catalina".  No joy.

I think Vint is at least partially right.  I'm now 99% sure that
Catalina meeting happened in January 1983.  I got several private
responses to my original message, including one from Cliff Weinstein
confirming that he was there, and he remembers the meeting as being
something like a "Network Management Workshop".  Brad Fidler reports
that the Wrigley mansion is still there and in good shape, and currently
a wonderful place to have lunch.

The "smoking gun" though is the physical slide that I scanned.  The
photoshop printed "Jan" on the slide itself, and others from the same
box/roll have "83" stamped on.

So, late 1972, early 1983 makes sense.  It also would explain why Vint's
not in the picture, having gone off to MCI.  My recollection is that
Barry Leiner wasn't heavily involved in the Internet project per se
until Vint's departure from ARPA, which would also explain why Barry is
in the picture.

So, the meeting was circa January 1983, and the "unknown" between Falk
and Postel is Cliff Weinstein.  (Sorry Cliff, I did remember you but
couldn't pull the name from long-term storage).

But I disagree with Vint -- that still looks like Dave Clark to me.  Who
else might it be...?   Still not sure who is kneeling either.  Was that
one of the ISI team..?

/Jack Haverty

On 09/24/2018 04:38 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>     > From: Vint Cerf
>     > my guess is that this might have occurred between 1983 and 1987 since
>     > that was a period when I was focused on MCI Mail and not Internet.
> I have a list of meetings gleaned from the minutes in the IEN series (which
> are a _wonderful_ resource for historians of the early work, who all owe Jon
> a tremendous debt for writing them all up), and they list the following
> meetings at ISI early on:
> Location	Date			IEN	Date Issued
> ISI		15 August 1977		  3	18-Aug-77
> ISI (UCLA?)	1 February 1978		 22	3-Feb-78
> ISI!		30-31 January 1978	 67	8-Feb-78
> So perhaps one of them? (Someone more energetic than me could
> compare the attendee lists and see if one of them matches.)
> Would there perhaps have been meetings before this that didn't get into the
> IEN series? Also, could this possible date back to the INWG meetings? Looking
> at the list of people in the photos, I would guess not (from what little I
> know of the INWG).
> It was definitely before the January 1979 meeting at ISI, because I was at
> that one, and don't recall a Catalina trip! :-)
> 	Noel