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[ih] Internet meeting - Catalina Island, California, circa 1980?

    > From: Vint Cerf

    > my guess is that this might have occurred between 1983 and 1987 since
    > that was a period when I was focused on MCI Mail and not Internet.

I have a list of meetings gleaned from the minutes in the IEN series (which
are a _wonderful_ resource for historians of the early work, who all owe Jon
a tremendous debt for writing them all up), and they list the following
meetings at ISI early on:

Location	Date			IEN	Date Issued

ISI		15 August 1977		  3	18-Aug-77
ISI (UCLA?)	1 February 1978		 22	3-Feb-78
ISI!		30-31 January 1978	 67	8-Feb-78

So perhaps one of them? (Someone more energetic than me could
compare the attendee lists and see if one of them matches.)

Would there perhaps have been meetings before this that didn't get into the
IEN series? Also, could this possible date back to the INWG meetings? Looking
at the list of people in the photos, I would guess not (from what little I
know of the INWG).

It was definitely before the January 1979 meeting at ISI, because I was at
that one, and don't recall a Catalina trip! :-)