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[ih] Obscure e-mail systems

On 17-03-16 00:46, John R. Levine wrote:

> Ooh, let's play mine's older and cruftier than yours!

Not going to go there! :)

> I certainly used UUCP for a long time -- back in the 1980s
> I was using it for mail and news, calling a friendly system
> near my home in Cambridge MA.

I did my (mandatory) military service in Finland in 1985-1986.
I did have a PC with me, but all "private and uncontrolled"
communication systems were banned - all we could use was
a public calling-card-operated phone in the corridor. So I had
weekly batches of email and netnews on uucp-batch-files-over-
floppy-disks brought in (or picked up on weekend leaves).