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[ih] Obscure e-mail systems

>> Seems a bit crufty.  I've been tunneling imap and submit through ssh
>> on port 443 for years.  Works great.
> No doubt. But I've been using suucp for well(!) over a decade. Why change what works?

Ooh, let's play mine's older and cruftier than yours!  I set up my port 
443 ssh server in January 2005 when I was doing a project at a lawyer's 
office that blocked port 22.  My mailbox is on my server, so UUCP-ing it 
back and forth to another mailbox on my laptop and trying to keep them in 
sync wouldn't be fun.

I certainly used UUCP for a long time -- back in the 1980s I was using it 
for mail and news, calling a friendly system near my home in Cambridge MA. 
We spent one summer at our beach house at the Jersey Shore. Carefully 
scrutinizing the uucp maps and the list of local exchanges in the phone 
book, I discovered that there was a usenet node at the FAA test center in 
Pomona NJ which due to a quirk of telegeography was a local call even 
though it was over 30 miles away.  So they kindly gave me a connection for 
the summer, and I only had to make short calls back to MA for my mail.

These days it's all Comcast.  Sigh.