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[ih] The Atlantic on Email

 Johan Helsingius writes:

 > > there was also the little problem of inverting the UK domain
 > > names from uk.ac.ucl.cs to cs.ucl.ac.uk
 > Yes, we at EUnet actually had a node in Czechoslovakia, using the
 > short-lived .cs ccTLD. We had some mail routing issues between
 > them and our UK node at UKC...

Lots of people had that. I remember cs.vu.nl (Andy Tanenbam's
department) as lot's of computer science departments did got a lot
of mail when the .cs tld got establised due to janet <-> uucp
gateway's. Having cs as search path created problems as well.

We actually ran one of the bigger path alias databases. We routed
quite some mail via mcvax.

	 jaap (...!mcvax!jaap)