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[ih] The Atlantic on Email

On 15-03-16 16:57, Eric Gade wrote:

> My take on the NRS vs DNS naming controversy -- which as you
> all said really heated around in 1990 when the application for /.cs
>/ came into the NIC -- stemmed in part from the fact that the
> JNT/JANET people in the UK were staunchly committed to OSI
> and refused to make any sweeping changes to their naming and
> addressing system until a viable x.400 product was in place.

Whereas we at EUnet were a bit more pragmatic. I am assured
Daniel Karrenberg still has a copy of the "EUnet X.400 migration
plan" that we had, because we had to (due to some EC funding).
Once it was written, nobody ever touched it again. :)

> I'm wondering, Johan, when exactly you started to see these mail
> routing problems (before 1990, for sure, but for how long after)?
> I believe that in 1990 there were 10 UUCP sites in Czechoslovakia.

Really hard to remember the exact years at this point - and too
many documents from that time only resided on hard disks
that have now moved to the great hard disk graveyard. :(

I did find a note from April 1992 that states:
"A 19.2 kbit/s IP link between Prague and Linz (Austria) is
operational today. The line is multiplexed and carries EARN and
general IP services. An upgrade till 64 kbit/s is foreseen for June
1992. A second link, 9.6 kbit/s IP between Bratislava and Vienna
(Austria), is shared between EUnet traffic and general IP traffic.
Both links connect into the upcoming academic backbone network,

i still work with one of the early EUnet Czechoslovakia guys,
so I will ask next time I see him.


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