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[ih] why did CC happen at all?

Am 04.09.2014 um 19:05 schrieb Amelia A Lewis:
> If it's necessary to post publicly, then I'll do so.
> I'd like to second Paul Vixie's call for moderation. Herr Bosau, if 
> your concerns have nothing to do with internet history, beyond 
> asserting that you know more than the folks who were involved in 
> designing internet protocols, and demanding that they admit that they 
> were wrong, then you should take your insults and your attempts to 
> derail the internet-history discussion list *somewhere else*.

I did not want to insult anyone. When you can point me to a more
appropriate venue, I would a appreciate a hint.

> Also, you owe Paul Vixie an apology,


>  and more apologies to the others 
> on this list who have shown, in my opinion, remarkable tolerance of 
> your anger, insults, and distractions from the topics of the mailing 
> list. It is possible that, if (as it seems) english is your second 
> language, you're not aware of the hostile and vicious tone that has 
> suffused your posts from about the dozenth in this outrageously long 
> series.


Is it forbidden to ask questions?

O.k., I would like to return to list related discussions.

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