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[ih] why did CC happen at all?

Am 01.09.2014 um 16:01 schrieb John Day:
>> Actually, this problem is the very reason for the cumulative ACK
>> mechanism in TCP: The sender is made ALWAYS to fill up the receiver's
>> window from the very left to the right by signalling exactly this
>> sequence number to the sender. Otherwise, the receiver's buffer might
>> be fully occupied with data - while there is a gap in the data flow
>> as delivered to the application and the next part residing in the
>> buffer - and no space to fill in the missing pieces.
> But we didn't have TCP then, and all of this stuff was pretty new.
> Remember you have to put yourself in the state of knowledge at the
> time, which wasn't the same everywhere.
John, I did not make my statemtent carelessly.

We have pretty the same problem in ARQ protocols in wireless networks
and in TCP as well, so if you eventually would like to pursue a PhD in CS:
This problem a) can be solved and b) solutions are implemented and
available to the market ;-)

It is not that rare that we encounter similar problems on more than one

However, as you know, I'm not satisfied with VJCC and its offsprings and
flavours. I very much appreciate this work as a work around, wich
tackled a very annyoing problem with affordable means - and remarkable

Nevertheless we still have problems in network resource allocation, I
sometimes wrote about wireless networks, where it is euphemistic to say
VJCC is completely inadequate there. There are concerns with non greedy
sources, flows with huge differences in their amount of data, BIC and
CUBic are not really convincing, and the more I think about it is that
these issues result from a lack in the underlying scheme for scheduling
and resource allocation.

So I at least want to propose a different way here.

Although I frankly have to admit, that my frustration is rather deep
here. Particularly as some colleagues have a certain attitude which we
call in German "mauern", I don't know the English expression for it,
that means that you are unwilling to listen to arguments but hide behind
a wall of alleged knowledge, which is in fact a mixture of arrogance and
stupidity.  And as you know, there have been some colleagues who deeply
hurt me VERY personally.

Actually, VJCC is such a "mauer". "The Internet works and if you don't
belive in VJCC, you are an idiot". Even if the words are somewhat more
descent, this is rather offending. But I have to apologize for going
very much off topic here.

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