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[ih] Detlef's TCP questions


As Craig and Vint has pointed out, TCP never was GBN.

Yes, any network researcher who wants to call him/herself a computer 
scientist should take seriously the experimentalist's task of fully 
understanding the assumptions and implementations of their test 
environment. That includes NS-2 simulations of TCP.

Yes, in broad generality, the level of network science taught in many 
graduate schools is abysmal.  How can those with clue resist the 
temptation of real mony in industry or getting rich from a startup? So 
the next generation of largely clueless PhDs learn from clueless 

During the period of Van Jacobson's development of the algorithms that 
bear his
name, he wrote many lengthy, pithy, and informative messages to various 
mailing lists about the hazards of the Internet and how his algorithms cope.
Maybe some of these lists are archived somewhere.

Bob Braden