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[ih] internet-history Digest, Vol 84, Issue 4


You wrote:

     I wrote a TCP back in the 1979 timeframe - the first one for a Unix
     system, running on a PDP-11/40.  It first implemented TCP version
     2.5, and later evolved to version 4.   It was a very basic
     implementation, no "slow start" or any other such niceties that were
     created as the Internet grew.

I have been trying to recall where my TCP/IP for UCLA's IBM 360/91 ran in this horse race. The best I can tell from IEN 70 and IEN 77 is that  my TCP-4 version made it between Dec 1978 and Jan 1979, although I think I had an initial TP-2.5 version talkng to itself in mid 1978.

Bob Braden