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[ih] Congratulations! -- the "Nobel Prize for engineering"!


In an a"anecdote" (not refereed) published in the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing a while back (updated copy available at http://alexmckenzie.weebly.com/inwg-and-the-conception-of-the-internet-an-eyewitness-account.html) I wrote:

At the New York meeting of INWG (International [Packet] Network Working Group) 7-8 June 1973, a small team of engineers with implementation experience in ARPANET (US), Cyclades (F), MERIT (US), and NPL (UK) created a first draft of an International Transmission Protocol (ITP). 

Vint Cerf served as the editor of this document, which was distributed as a set of supplements to INWG 28. 
About a month later, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn distributed INWG 39, which they described as ?an attempt to collect and integrate the ideas uncovered at the June 1973 INWG meeting in New York, as well as some ideas which have been worked out since that time by various other people.?

INWG 39 has been described as the first version of TCP/IP.

Bob Kahn asserts that he was unaware of anything that happened at the INWG meeting.? He asserts that he believed that the quotation above was added to the cover page of INWG 39 by Vint, and that he (Bob) believed that it was a boilerplate sentence required on INWG documents.


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I'd be curious to hear from Vint (since I'm not sure this point has been
explicity addressed) i) how familiar he and Bob Kahn were with the details of
the CYCLADES work, and ii) how influential it was in their thinking.
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