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[ih] Congratulations! -- the "Nobel Prize for engineering"!

    > From: Jack Haverty <jack at 3kitty.org>

    > Glad to see this!

Indeed. It's entirely appropriate, IMO, for 'the Internet' (in some sense) to
be the very first recipient of what's intended to be the 'Nobel of
engineering' - although IMO, as Grigori Perelman said on refusing the Fields
Medal, if the proof is correct, the medal is superfluous! The effects of the
Internet are surely clear to everyone, so the award is mostly superflous
(although it is nice to see it formally recognized).

I said "mostly" because I am so happy to see Louis included - the
ground-breaking nature (well, IMO) of the CYCLADES work is often forgotten,
so it's really good to see him (and it) recognized.

I'd be curious to hear from Vint (since I'm not sure this point has been
explicity addressed) i) how familiar he and Bob Kahn were with the details of
the CYCLADES work, and ii) how influential it was in their thinking.

I just re-read the Cerf/Kahn IEEE paper to see if it covered these, and it
doesn't, really. The mention of the "voie virtuelle transmission mode"
strongly implies a certain level of familiarity, but it would be nice to have
explicit data. And as to the influence, nothing is said (although again, at
some level, the design speaks for itself...)

I'm amused to see that the Beeb did not correctly assess Louis' contribution
("Louis Pouzin helped work out how data should be labelled so that it reached
the right destination."), but then again, that's the press for you!