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[ih] What is the origin of the root account?

On 4/15/2013 7:43 AM, Michael.Urban at jpl.nasa.gov wrote:
> I don't know if Sigma-7 hardware was flakey as Dave said, or whether
> it was just UCLA's machine, which had some absurdly low serial number
> like '9', bristling with field-applied hardware patches.

Hi Mike.  Thanks for chiming in.  The system was functional by the time 
I joined the project.  I merely developed some user and system 
documentation.  (Learned a lot about o/s design from the exercise.)

I'd heard that the hardware had general problems, not just at UCLA, but 
that UCLA uncovered them sooner than most places, due to the way the o/s 
stressed the hardware.  Probably had to do with the paging (or was it 
mapping or was it...? ) mechanism.


  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking