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[ih] What is the origin of the root account?

Dave Crocker writes:
> Also, I'm told one of the project members became quite upset as the 
> pattern of naming and declared that the names should be simpler and that 
> the team should just call a spade a spade.
> Hence forth, this was now called the Spade Project.

And if memory serves, the privileged account on SEX was 'SPDE' or some
similar four-letter abbreviation of 'spade'; and I believe that the
dubiously tasteful term 'super-spade' was applied to that login?   Just
to provide some thematic unity with the root topic.  Hm.  Somewhere
in the back of my mind some neuron is nagging me that 'spade' and
'super-spade' were two, differently privileged, logins, but I
can no longer recall the details.

I don't know if Sigma-7 hardware was flakey as Dave said, or whether
it was just UCLA's machine, which had some absurdly low serial number
like '9', bristling with field-applied hardware patches.


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