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[ih] FTP Design

Hi Dave,
At 10:00 03-07-2012, Dave Crocker wrote:
>Quite a bit of current IETF work appears slanted more towards an 
>initial completeness that attempts to satisfy the /union/ of 
>participants' desires, rather than the earlier IETF mode of seeking 
>an initial version that satisfied only the /intersection/, deferring 
>the remainder for later enhancement efforts.

The "process" is fashioned in such a way that it is easier to satisfy 
the desires of participants than to argue.  That would not be much of 
a problem if these "enhancements" were pruned by natural selection at 
the next stage.  The rarely happens.

It's a bit more complicated than that.  There is a larger group of 
people, more external pressure and formalism.  I wonder whether the 
following would be palatable nowadays:

   "The objectives of FTP are 1) to promote sharing of files"