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[ih] FTP Design

>Regarding "voila!" or not:  What Bernie presented was clearly a good 
>idea and I remember immediate acceptance that the idea should be 
>pushed ahead.  However, there was still lots to do, lots of prior 
>cases to be checked and looked at to make sure they would still be 
>handled, lots of people to have their say, etc.  Because of this 
>thread over the past few days, I have now modified (and Bernie' has 
>reviewed) the place on my website where I already had three relevant 
>papers posted to make it more of a pointer into this area of history.  See

I have skimmed through the various documents in the last couple of 
days, and it is interesting to review some of the details, all the 
people involved (e.g., at least five of us who have contributed to 
this discussion in the past few days are mentioned in RFC 495), what 
issues were considered, and that there was some anticipation of a 
similar approach with other protocols.  Bernie had his idea in the 
context of lots of people already struggling with the prior ad hoc 
version of Telnet and context of his need to do something practical 
in the TIP; perhaps this is one of those cases (which we hear about 
in technology history) where the intersection of constraints resulted 
in the "simple" idea.
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