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[ih] FTP Design

That wasn't my view.  I thought the NCP effort was to have different 
operating systems (and remote terminals) communicate with each other 
via a common protocol.  The Network Software Works which Crocker 
sponsored from ARPA seems to me to be more like cross-network 
OS.  But this may all be in the eye of the beholder (or once again I 
may not be answering the question John is asking :).

At 08:00 AM 7/1/2012, John Day wrote:
>Our impression at the time, (I was mostly an observer of this stuff) 
>was that the working model was to create the elements of an 
>operating system over the Net.
>Is that a fair appraisal?
>At 7:24 -0400 2012/07/01, Dave Walden wrote:
>>At 01:22 AM 7/1/2012, Vint Cerf wrote:
>>>steve crocker had a lot to do with NCP and likely with TELNET. I had
>>>thought that Dave W was the originator of Do/Don't etc but glad to
>>>know of Bernie's role in it. I had thought that Steve C might have
>>>been the inventor of NVT but he's probably a bit too busy in Prague to
>>>respond right now.
>>We described Bernie's role (inventing) and my role (supporting) in 
>>negotiated options in
>>I hope Bernie can say how much he was thinking about this before 
>>our airplane flight during which he described his idea on cocktail napkins.
>>The early RFCs (e.g., starting with 1) mention various people 
>>involved with inventing NCP, including S. Crocker.  It seems to me 
>>that more or less from the beginning they were talking about 
>>terminals in addition to other things.  It would be interesting to 
>>hear Steve Crocker's first-hand take on this.  RFC 15 by Steve Carr 
>>includes the first mention, I think, of the word "Telnet"; at least 
>>that's the first mention we found when making the list RFCs about 
>>Telnet at the end of
>>In that document, we tried to summarize the history (in one sense) 
>>of the evolution of Telnet (see section 2) from the early "old" 
>>version to the later "new" version, and this was where negotiated 
>>options crept in.  The "NVT" word had already been around since at 
>>least RFC 137.  While there was explicit discussion about Telnet 
>>and Telnet like stuff from the originators of NCP, apparently a 
>>committee was working on it by RFC 137 whose members had mostly not 
>>been part of the original NCP work::
>>                Will Crowther                 BBN
>>                Bob Long                      SDC
>>                John Melvin                   SRI-ARC
>>                Bob Metcalf                   Harvard
>>                Ed Meyer                      MAC
>>                Tom O'Sullivan (Chairman)     Raytheon
>>                Joel Winett                   MIT-LL
>>(Crowther was undoubtedly there because of the TIP software effort 
>>at that time.)  So there are a lot of people who might be probed 
>>for their memories of how the NVT came about and became explicit.
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home address: 12 Linden Rd., E. Sandwich, MA 02537
home ph=508-888-7655; cell ph = 503-757-3137
email address:  dave at walden-family.com; website: