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[ih] FTP Design

Our impression at the time, (I was mostly an observer of this stuff) 
was that the working model was to create the elements of an operating 
system over the Net.

Is that a fair appraisal?

At 7:24 -0400 2012/07/01, Dave Walden wrote:
>At 01:22 AM 7/1/2012, Vint Cerf wrote:
>>steve crocker had a lot to do with NCP and likely with TELNET. I had
>>thought that Dave W was the originator of Do/Don't etc but glad to
>>know of Bernie's role in it. I had thought that Steve C might have
>>been the inventor of NVT but he's probably a bit too busy in Prague to
>>respond right now.
>We described Bernie's role (inventing) and my role (supporting) in 
>negotiated options in
>I hope Bernie can say how much he was thinking about this before our 
>airplane flight during which he described his idea on cocktail 
>The early RFCs (e.g., starting with 1) mention various people 
>involved with inventing NCP, including S. Crocker.  It seems to me 
>that more or less from the beginning they were talking about 
>terminals in addition to other things.  It would be interesting to 
>hear Steve Crocker's first-hand take on this.  RFC 15 by Steve Carr 
>includes the first mention, I think, of the word "Telnet"; at least 
>that's the first mention we found when making the list RFCs about 
>Telnet at the end of
>In that document, we tried to summarize the history (in one sense) 
>of the evolution of Telnet (see section 2) from the early "old" 
>version to the later "new" version, and this was where negotiated 
>options crept in.  The "NVT" word had already been around since at 
>least RFC 137.  While there was explicit discussion about Telnet and 
>Telnet like stuff from the originators of NCP, apparently a 
>committee was working on it by RFC 137 whose members had mostly not 
>been part of the original NCP work::
>                Will Crowther                 BBN
>                Bob Long                      SDC
>                John Melvin                   SRI-ARC
>                Bob Metcalf                   Harvard
>                Ed Meyer                      MAC
>                Tom O'Sullivan (Chairman)     Raytheon
>                Joel Winett                   MIT-LL
>(Crowther was undoubtedly there because of the TIP software effort 
>at that time.)  So there are a lot of people who might be probed for 
>their memories of how the NVT came about and became explicit.
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