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[ih] birth of the Internet?

Ben Clifford wrote:
>> As I recall, Roger Fradenburgh had the job of turning off the ARPANET,
>> at its end-of-life.  I was in the next office at BBN when net 10 went
>> down
> What was 'turning off the ARPANET' in terms of actual switches to switch?
> Turning off some specific single piece of hardware that made it all go off
> or an IP-level router to the rest of the internet or something else?
Probably something like:
- log into NU (the management software used to monitor and control the 
- send a shutdown command to each node
- physically pull the plugs, disconnect cables, haul away the IMPs
- I'm really not sure if anything needed to be done to the routing 
tables, or if that all happened automagically at that point

I'll ask Roger and report back.


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