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[ih] birth of the Internet?

Larry Press wrote:
> Would it be fair to say that NSFNet grew up to be The Internet, where 
> some of the other things being mentioned were experiments or 
> developments in internetworking?
I think you have to review your timing.  The Internet predates the 
NSFnet by several years.

I think Vint nailed it (and he should know):

"5. official launch of Internet: January 1, 1983 (which also coincided 
with the creation of MILNET split from former research ARPANET) and the 
incorporation of the Packet Satellite and Packet Radio Net(s) into
the DARPA Internet. this was also the date of replacement of NCP with 

with some earlier experiments:

"6. ..The first Packet Radio/ARPANET tests of TCP/IP occurred in the 
1975 time frame
using a BBN developed gateway. The first three-network tests were done
on November 22, 1977 linking ARPANET, the SF Bay Area Packet Radio net
and the Packet Satellite Network."

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