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[ih] ARPAnet and nuclear survivability

we'd have to ask steve lukasik. Larry Roberts was adamant that his  
motivation was resource sharing and that comports well with  
Licklider's writings.


On Sep 2, 2009, at 11:28 AM, Dave CROCKER wrote:

> Bernie Cosell wrote:
>> On another list the old question came up again and I'm not sure  
>> I've ever gotten a straight answer.  I have always thought that  
>> Licklider's intent was to build a collaboration/research network.
> Since the Arpanet had a number of different people in lead  
> positions, it would not be surprising if they had different agendas  
> or chose to present things in different ways to particular audiences.
> When I got involved, in the early 70's, I would periodically hear  
> some folk characterize the capability as designed to "survive  
> hostile battlefield conditions".  I took that to mean convention  
> battlefields, not nuclear.  (I've heard that in the first Iraq War,  
> the US was unable to knock out the Iraque data net; survivability  
> was thereby demonstrated...)
> I believe I've heard that Lukasik would claim the goal of nuclear  
> survivability during presentations to the military or Congress or  
> somesuch, as a funding pitch.
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