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[ih] We can hang up now, it's all done.

The web was a bad version of NLS.  But I believe it was done in 
complete ignorance of what Englebart had done in the early 70s.  Had 
they known about it, they might have done a better job.

>But I am sad to see no mention of Gopher and Archie (and hytelnet) 
>which I believe had to have been the beginnings of the World Wide 
>(I would make make the argument that the WWW was a standalone 
>development that could not have occurred without the facility of 
>networking.  The sense I am groping for here is he sense that 
>flitting about the globe to one global warming conference after 
>another is not the result the invention of the airplane, but is 
>dependent upon it. What was the Wright brother's goal, anyway?  To 
>fly, is my guess.  Going somewhere came later.)
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