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[ih] We can hang up now, it's all done.


It's my first post on this list, which I found 
very helpful with the dissertation I'm completing 
on the development of online chat and IRC -- 
particularly your interesting discussions on the 
origins of the "talk" command. The expertise and 
experience of Internet and networking gathered here is impressive.

At 03:03 2009-11-22, Dave CROCKER wrote:
>I must be in a very strange mood, because I 
>think the summary is an interesting and pretty 
>reasonable -- if still rough -- effort, and is fixable.

Concerning the following point in the proposed chronology:
>When Apple pulled out of the AppleLink program 
>in 1989, the project was renamed and America Online was born.

I didn't know about the link between AppleLink 
(never heard about it actually) and America 
Online. I thought that AOL was formerly known as 
Quantum Computer Services, which was previously 
known as Control Video Corporation, which had 
itself bought out the "PlayNet" (pioneer) online 
gaming service in 1985 and renamed/rebranded it as Q-Link (QuantumLink).

Somebody can corroborate this version? Any input 
that could help me get this story right would be appreciated.


Guillaume Latzko-Toth
Ph.D. candidate in Communication Studies
Universit? du Qu?bec ? Montr?al