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[ih] Baran and Davies and respetive roles in Apra design

yes of course we did know about "torn tape" and also about message  
switching in the form of AUTODIN.

If you look at Len Kleinrock's book that emerged from his dissertation  
it was about stochastic flow and delay in message switched systems. An  
ARPANET innovation was to break messages up into "packets" for  
purposes of transmission to reduce transmission delay which was  
significant over low speed backbone trunks available at the time.  
Also, for purposes of noise resistance, the shorter packets had a  
higher probability of arriving intact than long messages.

Communication Nets: Stochastic Message Flow and Delay

This text develops a queuing theory model of communications nets, with  
realistic assessments that will benefit those working with computers  
and other communications systems. Topics include optimal channel  
capacity assignment, effect of priority and other queue disciplines,  
choice of routine procedure, fixed-cost restraint, and design of  
topological structures. 1964 edition.

Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486458806
EAN: 9780486458809
No. of Pages: 209


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On Mar 20, 2009, at 12:40 AM, Larry Press wrote:

>> Donald also contributed the term "packet" into the literature.
> I am still curious -- did you all know about routing of telegrams  
> using torn paper tape, and, if so, did that have anything to do with  
> the idea of packet switching?
> Larry