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[ih] Baran and Davies and respetive roles in Apra design

+ bob kahn

bob was a key player in the design of the IMP and the ARPANET

Paul's principal conceptual ideas related to packetization (message  
blocks) and hot-potato routing, I believe

Donald Davies had a multi-node idea but implemented only one node  
owing to funding limits. He or his team
via Roger Scantlebury influenced the ARPANET design be convincing  
Larry Roberts to use 50 kb/s circuits
rather than 2.4 kb/s circuits.

Donald also contributed the term "packet" into the literature.

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On Mar 19, 2009, at 5:35 PM, Ian Peter wrote:

>> From what I have read here and elsewhere, it would appear that both  
>> Baran
> and Davies (via Peter Kerstein) met at times in the Arpanet design  
> phase
> with various members of the Arpanet team to explain their similar  
> theories
> on packet switching. I have also read that it was the Davies design  
> which
> was adopted, not Baran's.
> Can anyone shed more light on this, who met who, and why if both  
> designs
> were known Davies was preferred?
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