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[ih] Baran and Davies and respetive roles in Apra design

    > From: "Ian Peter" <ian.peter at ianpeter.com>

    > it would appear that both Baran and Davies (via Peter Kerstein) met at
    > times in the Arpanet design phase with various members of the Arpanet
    > team

Davies' 'courier' was actually Roger Scantlebury, not Peter Kirstein (note
correct spelling), who was later (and most heavily involved in the early
Internet work, and was not involved in the early ARPANET).

    > I have also read that it was the Davies design which was adopted, not
    > Baran's.

I'm not at all sure that's accurate. I don't recall the details of Davies'
design, and I don't have time to research it, but I have seen Baran's and
Davies' designs described as having "striking ... technical similarities".

My _guess_, without researching it, is that the ARPANet design probably drew
on both, plus ideas from others as well (e.g. the idea of IMPs was due to
Wesley Clark).

    > Can anyone shed more light on this, who met who

I think you will find that all covered in decent detail in the three works
I've already listed: "Where Wizards Stay up Late", "Inventing the Internet",
and "Transforming Computer Technology". I'd recommending getting ahold of
them if you're really interested in this.