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[ih] Secret precedence schemes back then

Excerpts from David Mills on Tue, Jan 27, 2009 04:17:21PM +0000:
> Mathias,
> Busted after all these years. In the bad old NSFnet days the interactive  
> customers were being crushed by other traffic, so I modifed the  
> scheduling algorithm to implement a classic precedence scheme using the  
> IP header TOS field. Then, I changed NTP to use the highest priority and  
> telnet to use the next highest. Steve Wolff and I agreed to do thes as  
> an emergency measure and to keep it a secret ftom the Cornell operators.  
> I never told anybody and I don't think Steve did either, so somebody  
> else figured it out. If you look closely at my SIGCOMM paper you can  
> probably figure it out, too.
> 23 years after the crime, it is past the statute of limitations.
> Dave

Dave, we at Cornell learned it from you when the fuzzballs were still
in operation (but I didn't tell anyone else).  I couldn't understand
why you thought it needed to be kept secret.