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[ih] Secret precedence schemes back then


Busted after all these years. In the bad old NSFnet days the interactive 
customers were being crushed by other traffic, so I modifed the 
scheduling algorithm to implement a classic precedence scheme using the 
IP header TOS field. Then, I changed NTP to use the highest priority and 
telnet to use the next highest. Steve Wolff and I agreed to do thes as 
an emergency measure and to keep it a secret ftom the Cornell operators. 
I never told anybody and I don't think Steve did either, so somebody 
else figured it out. If you look closely at my SIGCOMM paper you can 
probably figure it out, too.

23 years after the crime, it is past the statute of limitations.


Matthias B?rwolff wrote:

>I have come across two sources briefly pointing to the secret precedence
>scheme implemented with NSFNET's Fuzzball routers aimed at giving
>priority to telnet over other less time sensitive apps. (Mills:
>http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/52324.52337, and also: Bohn et al, 1994,
>Mitigating the Coming Internet Crunch: Multiple Service Levels Via
>Does anyone know of further literature sources dealing with those
>schemes and, specifically, how they developed in time and beyond NSFNET.
>What about the practices of private ISPs up until today, maybe there are
>some scholarly accounts out there about the general picture and history.
>I appreciate your help.